The Politics of ...

The Politics of ...

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Charity Begins at Home

I find this insulting. The UK is one of the top givers in the world to charities and this current shower of shit parading as our government are responsible for at least a half a million people losing their jobs with no realistic similar replacement available and yet they want us to give more money, use more technology to do it, because they don't feel we do enough...

There is a feel of sense about this, but with threats to NHS budgets and cuts in staff, isn't the timing just wrong?

Presumably Phil Woolas's statements about his LibDem opponent were personal rather than about her policies, because if he can be stripped of his seat by an electoral court over lying about his opponent's politics in his election literature, then every single Lib Dem should lose their seats because they lied through their teeth. Presumably he made personal attacks, because if he suggested that she would change her entire political ethic for a whiff of power, then he didn't lie at all, did he?

The Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election should have one result, a resounding protest vote against the coalition. I don't care who gets elected (The Green Party would be preferable if Labour don't walk it) as long as the voters avoid voting for the coalition in droves. I would like a message sent to Cameron and his bitch that people do not like the policies or the way they are doing things.


Let us all hope that 2011 isn't going to be as bleak, unforgiving and horrendous as many of us believe it is going to be...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Cut me and I shall bleed...

We all have to remember; we all need to pull together to get us out of this horrendous budget deficit that the Labour party deliberately put there to stymie the Tories from being able to instigate their master plan to make every one rich and happy.

I'm going to lose my job. I suppose I'm doing a little bit more than Dave is then? Does that qualify me and the 600+ others for some special kind of award? Perhaps the Cameron Cross? A medal given to people who are going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the budget deficit is slashed?

I have to be careful. I don't really want to be seen saying anything that's critical of my employer. I don't want to be seen suggesting that if they raised council tax by 3% - that's less than £3 a week - it could save a lot of misery. I suppose its better that me and 600+ other people becoming unemployed and trying to find a job in a non-existent job market, than raise council taxes. Council taxes that are still the lowest in the country. Its much better to continue to slash services, just so we don't have to pay out more...

The sad truth is that the 600+ NCC employees who are going to be facing a very bleak 2011 are not the only ones. rumour has it that NBC is going to be cutting at least 250 jobs. Then you have all of those organisations like the YMCA, English Churches Housing and the Mayday Trust who are going to have their budgets slashed and subsequently won't just be making people unemployed, but also will be turfing the formerly homeless back out onto the streets. All the while, people who live in Weston Favell, Boughton, and richer parts of the town will be horrified that there's so many wastrels and unemployed spongers on the streets. It's enough to make you want to start a revolution.

In reality, we're going to see over 1000 people enter the job market between January and April 2011. There isn't going to be 1000 jobs for these people to take and less than 1% of them are going to be earning the same as they are now. The spending power of these 1000 people is going to be decimated and this is going to hit other areas of the local economy; which, in turn will raise prices or cut back on services. If you'll excuse my French, but I think a lot of us are going to be well and truly fucked.

I try to do the figures that the government are throwing at us and all that I come up with is misery. Actually, what I come up with is Misery, with a capital M. I don't think there is enough confidence in the private sector to start new businesses. I can't see where money is going to come from to start anything related to social care or youth work. The council don't have any spare money to throw at projects and neither does the government, so unless we start charging kids for their education or their rehabilitation, then nothing is going to fill the void. Yet again, a Tory led government is sticking two fingers up at the future of the country.

I spoke with someone who is having to deliver all the bad news; he said, quite honestly that things will never return to how they are now. There will never be enough money to invest in people again. there will never be youth services; there will not be assistant social workers, there will be no jobs created in a few years, even if we get out of this current malaise. Once councils - all councils - manage to run with bugger all people working for them, they will stay that way. Maybe, at some point in the future, there might be government money to start up projects for the youth of that day; but nothing will ever be the same again.

Welcome to the Scared New World. You have to be afraid because optimism will not be tolerated.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

29 versus 28

While no one can condone the violence that has come out of the student protests in London, it is true to say (as I have several times) that you don't get this kind of emotive gestures when there's a Labour government.

The sad truth is that Conservatives don't give a fig about the future generations, because their kids are okay. Thatcher dismantled the future of that generation's children and now Blackadder and Baldrick, along with Lord Snooty are doing the same now. I believe that our students have to pay for their education eventually, but I also want to see a fair system which we are patently not getting.

29 LibDem MPs either voted against this proposal or abstained. Nick 'Baldrick' Clegg cannot call his party united, by any stretch of his imagination. Especially as they only have 57 MPs.

Clegg is effectively a Dead Man Walking in political terms. He will struggle to get re-elected at the next election and will watch his party get systematically targeted at the next local government elections to the point where they will become as effective as the BNP - and about as well liked. We witnessed a monumental turning point in British politics today. But now the LibDems have been effectively destroyed, it really is time to turn on the Tories; to kick the Liberals while they're down is a waste of time and energy.