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The Politics of ...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Common Sense is Dead

My theory about no one (with any common sense) wanting to win the next General Election seems to be gathering some credence.

For a while it seemed that Labour were beginning to take it seriously, then the press got on at Milliband.

The Tories - Dave and Gideon specifically - are telling us that the world is heading for another global crisis so we're going to have to have at least 5 more years of the poor being penalised and the rich getting richer.

UKIP are still not really being treated as anything other than a slightly popular sideshow anomaly that will go out of fashion quicker than the Penny Farthing (method of transport or monetary unit).

The Labour party then tried desperately hard to make sure no one liked them and actually failed to a certain degree - people think it's the same trick that UKIP supporters use to explain why no one likes them. And, of course, no one likes the LibDems now so they couldn't get in if they offered the electorate free sex, drugs and a working NHS.

The one slightly silver lining to this new impending globally catastrophic black cloud is Dave can't, without ridicule, blame Labour this time.

I look at the country at this moment in time and I'm struggling to see a future, let alone a bright one. Sensible people are being ignored. Sensationalist social network bollocks prevails. No one tells the truth about what is happening - not because they don't want to but because it isn't good enough copy or exciting TV - in this infotainment world - or if the press doesn't give the average viewer a massive reaction or make them horrified or disgusted or slightly offended, then no one cares. There is also a faint and really unpleasant whiff of Enoch Powell about things and the press are more concerned with other matters.

I read somewhere last week - it might have been The Guardian or Left Unity - that voter apathy is at an all-time high and the next general election could be decided with less than a 50% turnout... I don't know about you, but surely there's a fundamental problem that needs to be fixed if half the population is refusing to vote because they trust none of the candidates? I'm probably completely mathematically wrong here, but common sense suggests that any government formed next May will be doing so with something like just 20% of the population having voted for them - you get to screw up the country with just a fifth of the vote; that's democracy working for us.

Someone else also pointed out last week that considering the Tories claim the BBC is Labour-biased; how come the following people have high roles on their news team: Laura Keunesberg is called a 'Right Wing Attack Dog', Nick Robinson and James Landale are both staunch Tory voters and several high profile news editors and reporters also back blue over any other colour.

Presumably, the Tories telling us that the Beeb is left wing is similar to UKIP supporters telling non-UKIP supporters that they're just making things up about Nigel, because we're all scared of what they can do.

Someone very powerful likes the idea of UKIP in a coalition with the Tories to ensure that they and the other top 10% of earners in this country are guaranteed that income for the next 25 years - by pulling us out of Europe, destroying the social, health and welfare system, removing our statutory rights and making sure that it costs far too much money to fix it.

I wonder if people who support fascist dictatorships express regret in the intervening months?

Here's a reason why UKIP is becoming popular, especially with the working class. Their candidates aren't, on the whole, career politicians, they are or pretend to be normal people. They tick the boxes disgruntled stupid people want ticking and like people who believe the Tories are looking after their interests, the average idiot won't even realise that it's the government that is allowing all manner of people to economically rape you until you are a shell or a worthless husk with nothing to offer and no safety net except death. UKIP might have lots of 'Average Joes' in their ranks, but what happens when these disparate characters get their way with the EU and then start arguing about how to fix the problems. Remember, UKIP for all of its posturing is financed by and its two MPs are - Tories (not Labour or any working class or socialist group... but of course, if you like or support UKIP you won't believe that, you'll think I'm just scared of Nigel and making lies up about him...)

Politics is such a pariah now, the bastards can do what they want and you no longer care. The worst thing about this is those who no longer care no longer want to listen to the truth and are happy to let the lies sway every agenda there is, as long as it doesn't kill them as fast as it was.

The irony is more people care about the £1.2n in total benefits fraud per year than they care about corporations avoiding paying £120bn tax. Joe Average can't stand the idea of Fred Not-As-Disabled-As-He-Claims (or his Polish cousin Piotr) claiming £1 more than they should; they hate the fact that some bastard has screwed the country out of £1 unfairly. They will vote for whatever party says they will execute dole scroungers. Yet, as much of an anathema as it might seem, most people don't give a fig that the major corporations have avoided paying more money in one year than all the dole scroungers in the last 50 years have scrounged in total. Or that Take That successfully avoided paying tax for ages... Because it was Gary and Mark and Howard and the wookie.

If this country was to recoup just one year's worth of unpaid tax avoidance, it would be able to clear the budget deficit, all the interest, end the loans, fix the NHS, invest in new schools, hospitals, education and training programmes, build more council houses, fix things that have gone wrong and still be able to give everyone a 2p in the £ tax reduction for FIVE years.

Have you ever wondered why this isn't common knowledge, but easily verified?

Ask yourself this: if you had just £100 and someone took £10 off of you because you were poor and weak and couldn't fight back, it would be tough, you might struggle a bit, but you'd make ends meet. If you were a multi-billionaire with £100 billion and someone took £10 billion from you, how many billions would you have left?