The Politics of ...

The Politics of ...

Wednesday, 3 May 2017


If you believe everything you read and hear then the Tories, despite pretty much dismantling parts of the country's remaining crown jewels and raising the debt far higher than Labour would ever have done, will get in with a 100 majority and a mandate to pretty much do whatever they want to whatever they choose, because YOU chose them.

Our slow descent into more Victorian politics and ideals will rupture the country, but because there will be no opposition, they will be allowed to do it and with the right wing media supporting them and NOT reporting on the more heinous things they will do, a large percentage of Middle England will just think everything is the same as before.

I say 'Victorian' ideals because to suggest we'll be in an authoritarian country with zero tolerance of what is right and massive intolerance of anyone who doesn't agree with the ideology is more likely the scenario. The disenfranchised will be at the mercy of rich benefactors and philanthropists.

The Conservatives have repeatedly proven that they aren't actually that good with the economy; if you could be bothered to look at the history of financial problems in this country, the Tories pretty much urinate over Labour from a great height and with the country teetering on the brink of a financial disaster of our own making, do you really think the Tories will create jobs - proper jobs and careers? Do you think public services will be safe? Do you think you'll be witnessing the dismantling of the NHS?

I framed that last question not with a definitive but with a suggestion, because most Tory voters I've spoken to really don't believe that the party they will vote for will do anything harmful to the NHS. They actually believe the NHS is safer in Tory hands than anyone else and one wonders if they are paying any attention to it and what is happening in it? You see while the NHS (and Brexit) are the two key issues in this apparent one-horse-race, most people who have benefited from it, but don't need it any longer will switch to 'out of sight out of mind' mode; the default setting for many floating, slightly right-leaning voters. Yes, for some it will be important and they might vote accordingly, but for others it will be something they use when they need and frankly they don't need it now, at this minute.

Of course, there will be outrage when it switches initially to a semi-pay as you go, with only specific groups being expected to pay - those who some faceless bureaucrat will decide caused the health problem themselves - the obese, smokers, people now disabled through no fault of anyone but the person who is disabled, maybe even those who are deemed 'not worth saving' and that outrage will be smacked down and people will be told straight - if you live healthy lives and can prove it, you will only pay a small amount towards your treatment, the majority of the costs will be placed on those who abuse the system because of their ill health...

With no functioning NHS and the likelihood of services such as Children's, Social, Community, Welfare and Probation handed over to private companies who decimate existing workers' rights and deals, just so they can stay in a job where there is no money to do anything but monitor and report back to a central office that will then determine how much future help will be given. The blame for everything will be aimed squarely at the disenfranchised and if some of them die, it will be a price worth paying (to quote David 'I'm out of there now' Cameron).

If the government doesn't raise taxes and continues to give breaks to the richest, who do you think will ultimately pay the price? Amazon, Google, Vodafone? No, be honest with yourself - when this government can target the £2bn welfare bill like it was the be-all-and-end-all problem facing society today, but can allow massive corporations to pay piddly percentages of what they truly owe, while 'employing' most of their staff on zero hour or minimum wage contracts, who won't earn enough to plough any of it back into the economy; can you really trust them not to screw you over, even if you think you're safe earning more than £100k a year?

Once the squeeze has succeeded with the poorest and most vulnerable - who do you think they will target next? Come on; ask yourself this and try and come up with an answer. If the Tories eradicate the welfare bills, cut everything to the bone, make you pay for things you once got as part of a package deal (refuse collection for starters) and can no longer squeeze anything else out of it, where will they target next? Go on, answer it honestly.

Do you also really think that Treeza's 'damned if we'll acquiesce to the EU even if we damn ourselves' strategy is really the way forward, then you either have loads of money or are a deluded racist, because you don't piss on your private members club and then expect them to allow you access to everything you gave up for the same rate or even less. If you think that's how it works, try negotiating with Tesco over your clubcard.

And then there's the elephant in the room; a big bright red elephant with 'amateurs' written large on its side. It doesn't matter how you look at Labour at the moment, they look like an anachronism and this is down to the extremely one-sided depiction of the election from the mainstream media. The fact they have great policies is immaterial, most people look at Labour and see a shambles and that doesn't auger well for a party that wants to be in power so it can sort out some of the mess.

Whether Labour's imminent destruction at the hands of the weakest, most right wing Tory mob in decades is as big as feared or isn't, it should spell the end of the decent man of politics, but would Corbyn go with so much support from members in the country? He should, especially given his age, but he talks about a long term plan like he expects to be PM just before he's 90...

I like the man. I like what he says and how honest he is. But he's onto a hiding to nothing. The Tories could rape children, exterminate the disabled and piss on the flag at the Cenotaph and if it made the news it would be spun positively - that is the extreme lunacy we're facing in this country; where people don't care how much they suffer just so long as they think they have some say in the control of our country. That is where we are at the moment - great isn't it?

Can you imagine the country waking up on June 9th feeling elated about another five years of austerity, cuts and trying to come up with some way to ensure we can feed people without them needing a mortgage when they go to the shops. There is little feel good factor among many people in this country and electing the Tories again will only compound the misery for many. If you're voting Tory just remember you have to share this country with people who will become third class citizens and if you are ever in trouble or ill health, you'll become third class faster than you can write the cheque for seeing your GP or appeal against a benefits decision...

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