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The Politics of ...

Monday, 5 June 2017

Dignity trumps Lies

One thing will stick in the minds of rational people over the coming weeks and it will be that Jeremy Corbyn excelled himself during the election campaign. He proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that being 'unelectable' is a term coined by the right-wing media and not by the discerning general public.

Yes, he will probably lose, but he won't lose by the landslide everyone was pretty much sure about and he has done very little in the face of open hostility to warrant any of the abuse he's received. His dignity is intact, unlike the woman who will probably wake up on Friday as PM (without the mandate she craved). Corbyn has proved a lot of people wrong and his ultimate failure on Thursday has to be laid at the feet of the Parliamentary Labour Party, who, had they been united behind their leader from Day One, might have been trying to sort out the mess the Tories have made of the country on Friday.

The real shame is that Jeremy is 68 and while Churchill carried on into his 80s, we now live in a world where people (are supposed to) live longer but politicians are an increasingly younger breed. Maybe someone like Clive Lewis or Barry Gardiner (a real star and a half) will step up to the plate and continue the work of a genuine socialist Labour Party? Corbyn will probably stick around for a few more years, so he's there as would-be guru to the successors - a real advantage.

This General Election has helped me rediscover the brilliance of Jeremy Corbyn and how he's weird in that you can't help feeling he's got ME at the heart of his ideas. When he says 'for the many' you actually believe him, whereas with most politicians you dismiss something like that as an election slogan. He's reasonable, doesn't attack people and wants a fairer society - therefore he's obviously the 'dangerous man' anachronistic bigots all over the country feel he is. I mean, he wouldn't press the button first, so because he isn't prepared to incinerate me without thinking means he must be a twat and I should ignore him; preferring to throw my lot in with the politician who already hates me and treats me with disdain - she's the one, yeah!

Look, 52% of the 72% who voted for Leave are essentially misguided fools; when you want the UK public to do something in their own interests you really can't rely on them. Many of these people have swallowed the right wing media, hook, line and sinker, and because facts couldn't sway them in their referendum decision, why shouldn't they believe that a 68-year-old allotment user who is against war is a threat to security and is a terrorist sympathiser? It makes no sense, but Mike, a 64 year old former builder from Lincolnshire doesn't give a fook what a nice man Jeremy is, he's a fooking terrorist sympathiser who won't destroy me if he needs to.

He's dangerous because he won't kill me...

I do honestly think the UK has far too many twats, morons and idiots now. Something has got to give.

The saddest part of this general election is that the Tories will waste no time in decimating whatever is left of the country, so by the time 2022 comes around and The Fred the Dustman Party could beat them in an election, it won't matter, because whoever gets in won't be able to raise the money to change it back to a fairer society. Everything will be privately-owned and you can bet one of the last things the Tories will do, around 2021, as they prepare to go and live in the Bahamas, will be to ensure legislation gets through parliament preventing subsequent parliaments being able to change things back. If Labour can leave a sarcastic note saying there's no money left, the Tories will ensure that there's nothing of anything left.

This will ultimately be shoved, like shit from a cow's arse, onto young people. Your children are going to face a very horrible world. The world of the future will be much more expensive as the effects of Brexit begin to show on supermarket shelves. The opportunities for careers will be limited; the Tories will always create zero hour, low paid jobs, but they won't be able to create if there is no demand for the services a job provides. With a Dementia Tax looming, there will be a huge rise in unscrupulous finance companies offering ways out of having to sell your house to pay for your care; or they'll come up with ways of your children inheriting your money, unaware that if you can't pay for your dementia, the onus will eventually fall onto your kids' shoulders. Most average middle class families will be forced into a situation where every single one of them will be on the precipice of poverty.

The real tragedy about allowing this particular Tory party to run the country for the next 5 years is that it's probably the last five years you will ever remember where you were reasonably happy about being alive.


  1. The great thing about the internet for this election is that it's easy to find detailed vote breakdowns for 2015 online, nice spreadsheet format for anyone to download and piss around with.

    So I did, to try to predict the outcome of the election.

    Couple of ground rules.

    Most Tory voters (if not all) will remain Tory voters. It's only been two years since the last election, the council elections in May showed in those areas that the Tory support did nothing but strengthen whilst Labour's collapsed. So, Tory voters then will be Tory voters now.

    UKIP. They are a spent force. Even in the previous UKIP council stronghold here in Boston & Skeggy they got massacred. However, the most realistic way for a 2015 UKIP voter to go is Tory. My calculations plucked 80% UKIPers in 2015 now voting Tory. Your mileage may vary.

    Tactical Voting. Let's say there's some form of Labour-LibDem pact to vote tactically - you know what people are like though, not all of them will do it. But I've assumed that 60% of non-main opposition voters in each constituency will now vote tactically for that main opposition party.

    I don't think these numbers are unrealistic.

    Tories end up with 362 seats. They lose a few closely contested seats (mostly to Lib Dems actually), but gain a lot (from Labour mostly) thanks to the prior UKIP voters.

    On June 9th, if they end up with anything close to this you can call me a genius.

    The only way it will screw up for them is to have a whole swathe of Tory voters stay home or vote for someone else. And this disregards the way Scotland voted in the council elections - a big deal in Scotland with the Tories in second place for the first time in like, ever.

    I think Labour are in a lot worse position than a lot of FB commentators would have one believe. And I fear a hung parliament is merely a pipe dream.

    1. Dunno why it says I'm unknown, it's Craig Johnson by the way. Cheers.